I am having to be extremely strict with myself and stick to working on university assignments this week and next, so no new material until I finish. One of my university assignments is about life transitions, finding out you or your child has ASD leads to a transition between the life you had where there was lots of confusion and sometimes fear to where I hope I am slowly headed where I am better able to understand myself and where I have begun to to find courage to come out of the shadows and try again to do some of the things I find incredibly difficult, a few weeks ago I gave a talk on ASD to a group of 10 people.

I wrote….

A day in the life of a child with ASD using the coke can explanation…..

for that talk and the follow up piece

How I would make Sam’s day a better day, following on from the coke can explanation…..


about making Sam’s day better.  I never thought for a second so many people would read and share my work, this blog has had almost 10,000 views this week, 7000 people have read the coke can post, a fact I find most humbling.

Thank you, for reading my posts, for sharing my posts and sharing my journey, I warn you now I have no idea where I am going, but it is reassuring to know I am not travelling alone.

I am proud to be spreading autism awareness, hopefully one day there will be true acceptance.

In case this is my first post you have come accross, here is where it all began…..

Me too.  




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